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Opera Singer Teacher Uncensored AV Distribution Part 1

Asagei Fuuzoku - Original Japanese Date: December 17th, 2013
English Translation Published: April 29th, 2015

Already gaining fame as an opera singer and school teacher, an ambitious Japanese woman also does AV and released work without any mosaic censorship.

A Japanese school teacher has appeared in uncensored adult videos! November 30th saw the arrest of a certain 27 year-old graduate of a very prestigious college in Tokyo. Along with teaching, she was a well-established opera singer who ended up showing more than legally allowed during a raunchy production. A news reporter covering the case further expands upon the situation:

This all started with the suspected sale of uncensored obscene videos originated out of a home in the Shizuoka Prefecture in late October. Police arrested U-san (an alias) whose residence was where the movies were being sold from. U-san, an AV director, apparently was selling productions he directed for other companies sans mosaic.”

However, he never thought the popularity of his releases would become as popular as they did. They spread far and wide unexpectedly quickly. Protecting private information—be it his own or the actresses involved in the shoots—was something he severely neglected. It wasn't long before information about himself and the aforementioned soprano from Tokyo was shared amongst the denizens of Japanese internet.

There even was a message board post about the opera singer complete with pictures from a recent and very well-attended event she was in last summer. This and more about her was posted for all to see.”

S-san made a massive mistake in not protecting her private information. Along with striving to make a name for herself in opera, she also had a burgeoning career as an adult video star. Now the two worlds she always wanted to remain separate were converging in the worst of ways.

We hear more from a journalist who frequently covers the Japanese AV industry:

Her publicity photo from the music agency she belonged to was affixed to her AV star bio. [Redacted] was the stage name she used for this line of work and it wasn't long before fans of her singing career found out about her other life.”

It certainly did not help that she made little effort to change her appearance when appearing in adult video. Her makeup and hair from adult shoots and opera recitals was essentially unchanged.


To be concluded...


(It's definitely risky to work with uncensored Japanese AV. This goes double if you are based in Japan and also releasing it in Japan—the latter, at least, is very illegal. The law itself is a hot one as of late and there are those who would love to see it finally put to rest. However, that probably will not happen for some time. Until then, although genitalia must be censored, adult videos in Japan have never been more creative and popular.)

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