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Tobita Shinchi, Osaka's Red Light District Part 2

Asagei Fuuzoku - Original Japanese Date: November 25th, 2014
English Translation Published: November 27th, 2015

Legally outlawed but almost never enforced best sums up the ongoing partially sanctioned unique brothel system found in the southern part of Osaka.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


Women of a caliber above simple cabaret club hostesses position themselves in front of each restaurant. All make the best of their assets and then some: busty women with low-cut tops are ever-present, but there also are many who go for the cute look be it in a schoolgirl uniform or with glasses as the questionably naive office lady. I heard more about the women who call Tobita Shinchi their turf by B-ko, whom also works part-time as a cabaret club hostess:

There actually are many more women now who have had plastic surgery done compared to 10 years ago. The mama-sans there are very straight-forward during interviews about the worth of a girl. They won't bat an eye when telling them how much money it would take in doctor visits to make them presentable. Women whom the mama-sans have extra faith in may receive something of an advance which is used for going under the knife.”

Someone who's really popular can see in upwards of 20 customers over a weekend. This can make for a very nice payday.

Seeing 20 customers in such a short time frame regularly can make 'it' hurt a lot. To make things more bearable, many of us go to pharmacies and buy as much numbing gel as possible.” (A-ko)

Xylocaine is the numbing agent of choice. It helps dull the sensation of skin and it's safe to say a good deal of women in Tobita Shinchi use a lot of it. However, it's prescription-only and finding doctors willing to prescribe so much of it to a single person is nigh on impossible. Thus, pharmacies in the area sometimes sell it covertly to buyers in need at marked up prices.

Recently, we've seen a rise in foreign customers with many in particular coming from South Korea. I've noticed a lot of men there have had plastic surgery done...down there. They take pride in themselves when stripping and are not shy to point out their silicone-enhanced 'symbols'. It's funny though because the shape is sometimes not even correct and they can't even slide it in let alone get fully erect. This gets them very annoyed. I've even seen a few pierced ones and I always decline them since that's a bit too outlandish for my tastes.”

There's also the growing issue of the etiquette of Chinese tourists. About half of the ryoutei in Tobita Shinchi flat out refuse to allow them entry.

I've heard of some who do unspeakable things such as secretly tear condoms before insertion, pine for bukkake, and other mannerisms of AV that do not necessarily translate to real life. There's been work done to help amend this in the form of Japanese nightlife coordinators. They help explain how to act when visiting brothels in Japan and certainly what not to do. They also aim to have Chinese tourists come off as good customers so more ryoutei open their doors to them.” (Brothel magazine writer)

It looks like China is making big waves in Osaka's Tobita Shinchi.


(Translator's note: Foreign tourists have had a history of not mixing well with Japan's well-established sex industries. Sometimes its from misinformation from the Japanese side and other times the blame soundly lies with the outside party. There is a learning curve and as Japan sees its own population of sexually curious men decrease, establishments will need to find ways to expand or face extinction. Nevertheless, it's always best to act polite and courteous when clothes come off. Japanese AV and real life are not the same.)

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