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Anal and the Law of the Land Part 1

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: December 15th, 2014
English Translation Published: February 11th, 2015

A scandal involving accidentally showing an anus during a Japanese gravure image video and the steps AV stars take to remain relevant and successful.

October of this year saw a gravure idol press charges against the production company that released a title she starred in where her anus was accidentally exposed. Tokyo Sports has reported a judgment in Kobe in favor of the gravure idol where the production company has been ordered to pay her damages totaling 2.2 million yen (approximately $22,000 USD). Other makers have pushed to have this trial brought to a higher court to truly decide the value of accidental anal exposure.

This type of legal precedent may even harm companies that produce standard adult video titles where showing private parts is simply a part of the filming process. This may even make some rethink their views on anal sex productions.

Once upon a time during the early portion of the Lost Decade, NEVA, the self-regulated authority governing what can and cannot be shown in adult video titles for rent was strict with its censorship: showing the anus was a no-go and even pubic hair to some extent was also proscribed. The pubic hair ban eventually came to an end with the very popular and quite controversial 'hair nude' photobooks starring Kanako Higuchi and Rie Miyazawa. Their totally nude picture books made gravure modeling with its even stricter set of rules look old-fashioned.

The years leading up and beyond the new millennium saw the decline of rental video sales and the rise of videos for sale which has remained dominant ever since. Mosaic application technology also became more daring and self-regulation led to actresses baring all down south including the full-on display of pubic hair. Bit by bit, the anus was seen less as a function of sexuality thus the need to apply mosaic to it let alone show it become a thing of the past. What's more, digital mosaic application techniques have been improving nonstop as computer technology itself has improved leading to extremely thin and form-fitting mosaic that covers the absolute minimum and nothing more. This means the anus in its natural state is totally exposed.

NEVA was involved in some controversy that ultimately led to its demise in 2008 when arrests of high-ranking staff were carried out. With the strictest censorship authority of Japanese AV in dire straights, even more risks were made in adult video production including scenes involving the licking of anus without any mosaic application. Its meaning as an object of sexual use was becoming more and more vague.


To be concluded...


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Written by Goro Sakagami


(Translator's note: Mosaic application once upon a time covered everything and anything. From the person whose job it is to cover up what must not be shown, the work itself was relatively easy considering the fact that original mosaic was simply a big pixelated circle. Form-fitting mosaic of today is a much longer and grueling job with a very high turnover. The first hair nude photobooks truly did pave the way for the harder elements of AV to come and being an industry that the government thankfully does not truly regulate outside of the very random and not-so-common raids, harder and harder material is becoming easier for consumer's to consume without unnecessary blockage.)

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