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The Anal Analyst Certification and Training Program

Tokyo Sports - Original Japanese Date: December 10th, 2014
English Translation Published: January 26th, 2015

An up and coming female Japanese AV director talks about her new production all about safe and pleasurable anal exploration in an academic setting.

Introducing Japanese AV director Saiyu~ki who talks about one of her latest productions and more. Anal sex is her bag. She's even published how-to's and given lectures on it. Let's here more from her on how to upgrade one's sex life!

Hello readers of Tokyo Sports! I am Saiyu~ki.  V&R Produce will be releasing my latest title, The Anal Analyst Certification and Training Program.

Anal sex is very natural, but the people who correctly know how to do it are far and few. It feels so much different and so much better than traditional sex with a pussy. It sometimes bugs me how people avoid taking part in this wonderful avenue of sexual release. Now's the time though to amend this issue.

In the The Anal Analyst Certification and Training Program, Maki Aoyama takes the role of the proctor. This type of role is not new to her. She's done this in previous titles so filming her in my own take on sexual education was a breeze. Assisting her is Kyouko Nakajima along with model student Saya Takazawa. This production had a lot of dialog in the form of lectures which required those taking part to their memorize lines for a change.

I did not want this title to feel like some hokey take on anal sex. Rather, I wanted it to feel more like an actual lecture on anal intercourse complete with visual demonstrations of course. The atmosphere is noticeably stiffer and more academic than your normal adult video production. A lot of this came about thanks to the hard work by Professor Maki.

The Anal Analyst Certification and Training Program is more than just about anal sex. It is presented as a serious lecture including safe demonstrations on anus expansion and also the proper way to use anal pleasure toys. Also, most assume one should use lotion and various lubricants when engaging in anal pleasure but this is actually not recommended as it can lead to excessive dryness. The best item for smooth anal performance is petroleum jelly. I'm sure most readers out there did not know this so now's the time to up your anal knowledge arsenal. Correct anal stimulation can even lead to orgasms. Kyouko-san remarked after filming about how unbelievable she felt during the shoot: “I can't believe how many times I came when the camera were rolling! I was cumming almost nonstop!

Direct anal play can even lead to extreme wetness and involuntary twitching of one's vagina which makes for a very interesting and pleasurable experience. Some are uncomfortable with the idea of pleasure via anal play and I hope this new title I directed helps erase that prejudice. Those who've only experienced pleasure via vaginal stimulation haven't even lived. Now's the time to explore your boundaries of sexual pleasure and consider giving anal play a try. Please take some time to watch The Anal Analyst Certification and Training Program by V&R Produce.


(Translator's note: count the number of times Saiyu~ki says the word 'anal'. That's not a translation mistake. This up-and-coming director of fantastic Japanese AV titles is a devout follower and spreader of the gospel that is anal play. V&R Produce formerly V&R Products and now seemingly under the V&R Planning umbrella once again after splitting from them about a decade ago (following AV companies and their sub-labels is a full-time job!) is the production company behind this very informative and educational title.)

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