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The Love Doll Revolution: The Showcase

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: November 1st, 2014
English Translation Published: January 12th, 2015

Japanese Dutch Wives have always been at the forefront of higher priced self pleasure goods and now a daring company has released a bargain of an alternative.

Adults goods are items many of you are quite familiar with thanks in part due to the widespread use of toys such as the Fleshlight. Before the introduction of this mobile pleasure device, the world of adult novelty goods was ruled over by the benevolent Dutch Wife. Famous Japanese director Hirokazu Koreeda has been known to feature variations of this type of doll in several of his recent films.

Dutch Wives were dearly loved by their fans—almost too much at times leading to them becoming damaged after excessive 'use'. Situations involving damaged Wives would result in their owners either repairing them somehow or simply ordering a new one. Stuffing them with cotton was a common method of repair owners with less technical expertise would attempt. This would work to some extent, but repaired or new, the coldness of the dolls in the most physical sense of the world was all too apparent especially during frigid and lonely winters.

The yearning of Dutch Wive enthusiasts for a doll that mimics the natural warmth has finally been answered with the introduction of the LOVE VENUS R. It improves upon the already high quality look and feel of previous iterations of Dutch Wives with improved texture and elasticity where it counts most. This new line of dolls are modeled after actual women with special focus on the realistic heat factor. Made in Japan by A-One, a long-standing Japanese original maker of adult goods, the LOVE VENUS R is priced low, but built well and has been a strong seller since it's debut.


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Written by Kossetsu Hazakura (an alias)


(Translator's note: Shipping is probably not available for those outside of Japan, but if you desperately want a LOVE VENUS R, contact My Dearest Desire and we may be able to contact A-One on your behalf to make your request a reality. This is the perfect supplement for those who enjoy self-pleasure with more than just a well-acquainted hand.)

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