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Hitomi Tanaka Interview Part 3

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: September 2nd, 2014
English Translation Published: January 23rd, 2015

Absolutely massive banana shaped breasts make Hitomi a sensation both in Japan and abroad. Read more in a recent interview at My Dearest Desire.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


I: There was one movie where you played a housewife who had a tendency to drop her keys that featured you on the box cover...totally clothed.

HT: I played a housewife who had a husband who severely neglected me. Thus, to satisfy my urges, I had encounters with people like maintenance repairmen.


I: How do you feel about non-sexual good feelings?

HT: I think that's something even young couples can come to realize after dating for a long time.


I: Have you ever had a fling?

HT: I've had revenge sex before, but it was just a one time thing. I'm really not into not being faithful. I think cheating with sex may feel good during the act, but the aftermath is nothing but regret.


I: Can you tell when your partner is cheating on you?

HT: For sure. This actually happened when I was living with my boyfriend. He started to have a tendency to make a bee line for the bathroom as soon as he came home. He'd quickly throw his clothes in the bin and I found strange wetness on his underwear right where an erection would be. This was proof enough that he was up to no good before coming back to our place.


I: Good detective work. How did you feel about it?

HT: Wasn't it? Even though he was really good-looking, we never had that much sex. I was really into masturbating back then so it didn't really bother me for quite awhile.


I: How often do you masturbate?

HT: Most recently was yesterday. A busy day would see me playing with myself 3 times. I'll idly play with myself while watching TV sometimes...


I: Do you use any toys?
HT: I used to only use my fingers, but I've also been making use of vibrators these last 2 years. The benefit to using one is they don't tire like my fingers do.


I: There was an onsen title you did featuring nakadashi (ejaculating without pulling out). Was it real?

HT: I love nakadashi so opportunities where I can truly communicate with my partner and feel every bit of him are ones I enjoy doing the most. It's the purest form of having sex.


I: Sorry to talk about your breasts again, but they certainly are huge. However, other parts of your body have slimmed down a lot recently. What have you been doing to maintain your appearance?

HT: Actually, I've been overeating recently. My female roommate and I had late night eating urges that could only be satisfied by beef bowls and we ate a bit too much of them. At some events not that long ago, fans commented that I gained some weight which really put me in a bad spot. Loosing weight is great, but I did not want it to negatively effect the shape of my breasts. The last thing I needed was smaller and ill-shaped breasts because of a jump-rope photo-shoot I was booked for. I used to jump rope a lot without a bra, but I don't want to stretch my breasts out so now I practice at home with a bra on.


I: I think you're looking great!


Written by Atsuhiro Iguchi and Pictures by Chie Tatsumi


(Translator's note: Some Japanese AV stars lose their sexual urges when working too much, but it seems like Hitomi is one of the rare ones who finds herself masturbating even more in 'camera-less' settings (coined by Kyouko Maki). Some fans recently have criticized her box covers for making her appear to skinny and are calling shenanigans by means of excessive Photoshop manipulation. Hitomi seems to have denied this though it's hard to know for sure going by what she said above about overeating beef bowls.)

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  • Pubes McGee said:

    Most interesting. Hitomi is amazing, and so sexy. What I like about her dvds are her obvious real reactions and HUGE orgasms. Often amazed how many times she comes! Don't care for bukkake or the bondage/abuse/gang-bang scenes, but I admire her willingness (assuming she chose to do those). Regardless, she's beautiful and has a fantastic body. I really hope the guys she's worked with appreciate how blessed they are!

    October 11th, 2015 - Reply


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