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Better Know a Production Company: EROTICA and its Renaissance

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: February 18th, 2010
English Translation Published: April 24th, 2015

EROTICA is a Japanese AV production company with a long history and now switched gears by truly listening to what their fans have to say.

EROTICA has existed for some time and has been known for some very adventurous titles. January of 2010 saw them completely start over with a splendid grand re-opening. Today, we sit down with Takashi Tsujiguchi, an expert in all things adult video to talk about this unique Japanese AV production company whom we recently worked on some collaborations with.

The founding of those involved with EROTICA began in 1995 and back then and even now are known as trend-setters for productions that involve real amateur performers (think of the men who take part in Japanese adult video bus tours). The big change in their grand re-opening is basing productions solely off the requests of fans, AV stars, and even those who work in video shops rather than the other way around.

I think EROTICA, a company already with a pretty good reputation in the industry, is moving in the right direction by allowing fans to really call the shots in terms of what they want to see and actually can appear in it. This should lead to more interest in their productions.

Hearing only that may be not sufficient for some. However, that is the underlining concept of this company. Many consumers nowadays make their purchasing decisions based on reviews posted on sites such as Amazon, Rakuten, and even 2 Channel. This alone can lead to good buying decisions, but EROTICA goes further by actually engaging in fruitful idea exchanges with fans such as these reviewers. It's essentially a real two-way street of Japanese AV creation.

EROTICA opening up their collaboration BBS was a great idea as fans flocked and immediately starting submitting some truly fantastic ideas. There was one in particular I saw about focusing less on condoms and more on bizarre vaginal inspections which is something only a devoted fan could come up with. Letting fans, actresses, and even directors (Translator's note: who usually are only assigned what to shoot with little input on their own) call the shoots in a production concept can lead to great results as this group of participants generally has more experience in many types of Japanese AV that those working for a production company may be absent from.

The input of fans has allowed EROTICA to produce titles such as the hot springs tour with Yuu Asakura and Yuu Sakurai's attempt at truly pleasurable sex with real virgins. This type of fan-driven collaboration is a good thing for an AV company where issues of staleness and a surprisingly routine work environment become all too common. It's easier now for both cast and crew to have a lot of fun. This leads to a great on-set environment even for the actors who are less nervous about doing things otherwise audacious. Accidents such as mistimed ejaculations from actors—even professionals—still happen, but the repercussions aren't as grave in this more upbeat environment.”


(Translator's note: Sorry about the excessive italics, but a good portion of this article was an interview with Takashi Tsujiguchi. Japanese AV companies that truly listen to their fan base and take their requests to heart lead to a better atmosphere for all involved. Fans—especially Japanese ones—can be extraordinarily picky—or komakai—so honoring requests that don't seem too eccentric can lead to fun and very unique productions.)

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