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Better Know a Production Company: EROTICA & Yuu Asakura Part 1

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: January 18th, 2010
English Translation Published: April 20th, 2015

We sit in on an interview with EROTICA, a Japanese AV production company based on honoring fan requests with help from Yuu Asakura.

Some of you my be familiar with the word erotica. What's more, some may already know how the Japanese AV industry always has an open ear when it comes to the requests of fans. How erotica, both the word itself and the new production company plays into the current scene of AV can best be answered by the professionals. Thus, today's entry will be with the Japanese AV production company EROTICA. We'll also be talking a bit about Yuu Asakura, who recently filmed a fan-requested bathhouse tour which marks the debut of this unique company.


Interviewer: Please tell us what you do and how you started doing it.

EROTICA: In recent years, we've seen a shift both within the industry and from the desires of our company's fans from actress-driven productions to ones where the situation itself is paramount (in Japanese AV lingo, these are called kikaku productions.). Now more than ever is the time to start releasing these types of kikaku productions. We've been around since 1995, but feel like now is our time to shine with a newfound focus on these types of titles. We began our switch to the present in May of 2009.


I: What production companies currently make kikaku movies well? What are their strong points?

E: Among big name production companies, I'd say Prestige, SOD Create, and KM Produce. Any maker always wants to bring in new customers and this route with kikaku productions that many are taking nowadays is a worthwhile one. Our company has not been that well known until now. You'd probably draw blank faces when asking AV fans about us and that is something we're set on changing.


I: Your motto is “EROTICA, we make what you want to see. Participation by all!” Can you tell us more about it?

E: This industry moves in ebbs and flows that pretty much all makers of titles subscribe to. Doing too much of the same for too long will bore the customer. Eventually what comes around goes around and what was out of style soon finds itself back in the spotlight. We're trying to innovate by truly listening to the desires of our customers rather than trying to dictate trends.


I: I'd now like to talk to you about the fan-requested title you made with Yuu Asakura. Can you tell how you found 10 single and willing men to take part?

E: We had an open casting call on our homepage.


I: Why did you select Yuu Asakura?

E: We usually have interviews for these kinds of productions, but this time we did the searching and decided upon her. We also think with her charisma, she is a great match and just what our fans want in a production like this.


(Yuu Asakura now joins the interview)


Yuu Asakura: I'm happy!


I: Yuu-chan, what were you thinking when you were first told about this production? (Essentially a heterosexual version of what Momoka Nishina went through with her lesbian fans.)

YA: I wasn't sure what to think at first. I'm actually not much of a people person.


I: Not a people person? For real? Didn't that title have a huge orgy with you being the sole female participant?

YA: I feel better thinking about that now compared to when we were actually filming it.


I: EROTICA is all about taking user requests and making them a reality (on film at least). What if they were putting into motion the fetishes of AV stars such as yourself? What would you like to see?

YA: (Thinks over this question carefully...) If I say it, then it won't come true so I'll remain mum on this one.


I: Alright then. What actor do you like?

YA: You Ouizumi!


I: That was a fast reply! He's a sharp one. What about him do you like so much?

YA: I like everything about him. He's cool all over.


I: Does that not include his face?

YA: It's more than that. He has a really cool aura.


To be concluded...


Men's Cyzo recommends this title to readers of this article.


(Translator's note: EROTICA is smart in that they're listening to what their fans say rather than crafting titles that may not be what people are actually looking for which is something AV production companies unfortunately do. However, sometimes the tastes of fans can be too unique leading to extremely limited print runs and high-priced titles. There's one AV company in particular who may be featured on My Dearest Desire at a later date that makes highly specialized fetish titles with MSRP's ranging from $70-$100USD!)

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