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How to Make Fake Semen and More Part 1

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: September 14th, 2014
English Translation Published: November 12th, 2014

A step-by-step guide for creating fake bodily matter both liquid and solid from Japanese AV professionals along with a critique of their supposed use.

Recent TV shows have gotten into trouble for faking natural situations. Although this is generally disliked by Japanese audiences, if done right, they'll easily fall for the doctored programming.

So does apply to Japanese AV as well? As readers here are also surely devout fans of Japanese AV, the answer is quite obvious. The biggest complaints from fans are being deceived by overly-airbrushed box cover art and the use of supposed fake semen among other bodily fluids.

Let's now take a closer look at how some of the tricks of Japanese AV productions are created:


Fake Semen

Used mainly for: Nakadashi and bukkake.

Ingredients: Egg whites, condensed skim milk, and oolong tea.

Steps to create fake semen:

  1. Separate the egg white from the yolk (egg whites are not commonly found in Japanese supermarkets).

  2. Mix the egg whites with the milk until it has a slightly frothy appearance.

  3. Add a small amount of oolong tea to give it realistic coloring.

  4. Gather it all in a toothpaste tube.


Fake Urine

Used mainly for: Female actresses and 'suspenseful' scenes.

Ingredients: Green tea, jasmine tea, etc.

Notes: Fake urine itself is not that common for standard Japanese AV. Big-name AV stars occasionally make use of it during 'suspenseful' scenes.

Steps to create fake urine:

  1. Generally all one needs to do is water down the tea and it should easily mimic the real thing.


Fake Poop

Used mainly for: Scat and 'suspenseful' scenes.

Ingredients: Gateau chocolate and oolong tea.

Notes: Make sure you use a harder chocolate. Soft chocolate will not look as real. Sets where scat-themed Japanese AV are shot have a very nice aroma.

Steps to create fake poop:

  1. Mix the chocolate and oolong tea together until it looks like genuine solid human waste.


Fake Squirting and Female Wetness

Used mainly for: Explosive female orgasms.

Ingredients: Lotion and water.

Notes: It should be indistinguishable from the real thing.

Steps to create fake liquid:

  1. Water down the lotion significantly.


Fake Ejaculation Device

Notes: Some scenes call for fake ejaculations (think scenes with incredibly powerful cumshots along with old school sex-less Japanese AV). For those to work right, a small tube is affixed underneath the shaft. On the director's mark, a lowly AD will squeeze the bottle the pump is connected to with all his might.


From looking over the last 30 years of AV, these are the most commonly used 'props'. Different directors may have different ways of making them, but what's written above is pretty much the norm.


To be concluded...


Written by Miyuki Nakagawara


Men's Cyzo recommends this title to readers of this article.


(Translator's note: Scat fans in the west don't number that many, but it certainly puts one at ease to know that the supposed fecal matter smeared over Japanese AV stars on some cover art (and no, a sample will not be provided here) is in fact delicious chocolate. Fake ejaculation devices were pretty common once upon a time, but now are rarely used in traditional AV movies. They still appear in ones that require outlandishly big eruptions. Consider making some fake bodily fluids per this guide to surprise a friend or significant other.)

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  • Marcus said:

    You can buy fake cum and a device to shoot it with from the Magic Money Shot website... it's safer than using food products that can cause yeast infections...

    November 18th, 2015 - Reply


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