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Become a Japanese Woman's Sleeping Companion!

Nikkan SPA - Original Japanese Date: April 21st, 2014
English Translation Published: April 17th, 2015

A look into Japanese hosts working as platonic sleeping companions for women who seek companionship without sex.

With the sales tax now at a whopping 8% (You think that's high...?) and salaries remaining stagnant, more and more people are considering taking on side-jobs. It may be come as a surprise, but some are even looking into working part time in Japan's always-booming adult business doing some light work. Could there really be job opportunities that pay well and are erotically fun? Let's find out!

Handsome and want to make up to 20,000 yen a month literally sleeping with Japanese women?

Perhaps due to the influence of the popular manga, Shimashima, platonic sleeping services for interested Japanese women now exist. Originally coined 'outcall hosts', Rose Sheep caters to the needs of women who wan to feel protected while they slumber. Joining their ranks requires an online application along with an interview and we find out more about it...

...the interview mainly focuses on how one interacts with a woman. We look at how their etiquette, how they talk, and their physical appearance. Reservations are almost always done in advanced so we pay based on appointments. There are no quotas to reach. Currently, we have 20 people in our books doing this part-time.

Most of our customers are women in their thirties and forties. Our staff is paid on a commission system based on how much time our customers book them for. The amount one can make is varied. Building up one's own customer base is the best plan for success. We've people on staff doing this as a side-job and are still making over 200,000 yen (approx. $2000USD) a month.

I tried to apply, but my attire wasn't up to standards when I met for the interview. They told me they only end up hiring 1/10th of the amount of people they interview each month. In the end, I did find a woman at work who would let me try being a 'snuggle host' with her. She was pretty strict and didn't think I was warm enough.

Another thing of note is that sexual services are forbidden. If they find out, the employee would be immediately fired. 28 year-old Hiroki, a current employee, told me that so far customers have not tried to order off-menu items.

If they did, we'd gently tell them we cannot provide that kind of service. We're there only for holistic aid.

This is definitely a job best for someone who can control their urges, but also make women feel good about themselves. However, they are strict with who they hire so that itself is a challenge.


(Translator's note: There's no way with the prices Rose Sheep is charging business is flowing. Sessions start at 20,000 yen—approx. $200USD—for 2 hours. Their Facebook page doesn't look too active and appears more like hosts going to work than intimate yet platonic snuggle buddies. They may have a few customers in their middle years who never had the chance to marry, but nothing more. Those without a solid command of Japanese and a good fashion sense would have difficulty landing a job like this. Then again, being commission-based, it probably is not worth it.)

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