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My Home is a Japanese AV Studio!

Nikkan SPA - Original Japanese Date: March 26th, 2014
English Translation Published: November 24th, 2014

Where your actual apartment can be used for a real Japanese AV shoot as a means to make some easy side money.

With the sales tax now at a whopping 8% (You think that's high...?) and salaries remaining stagnant, more and more people are considering taking on side-jobs. It may be come as a surprise, but some are even looking into working part time in Japan's always-booming adult business doing some light work. Could there really be job opportunities that pay well and are erotically fun? Let's find out!

For a guaranteed payment of 20,000 yen, you can rent out your apartment for an AV shoot!

A recent trend in part-time jobs for those dabbling in the Japanese adult industry is to rent out their own abode for a shoot. The pay is around 20,000 yen and we found out what actually goes on when this type of unique arrangement is made.

Many AV production companies have notices on their website looking for people who would rent out their place to use as a studio (Translator's note: 'Actors Wanted! Staff Wanted!' are common, but 'Home Studio Wanted!' is a rarity). All you need to do is fill out the form and attach a picture of your residence. I used my own tiny apartment and actually received a positive reply from the production company. Surprisingly, they didn't even send someone to inspect it. The application process went without a hitch. I guess this is how it usually goes down.

An insider comments, “We don't have too many private residences for filming right now so we're in kind of a bind. Apartments that show actually use such as looking messy and with bathrooms with leaky pipes are best. This adds a lot of realism to the production. Even when used multiple times in a month, the production can staff can re-arrange things in the apartment to make things still appear fresh.

The day of the shoot finally arrived.

Before the film crew arrived, the assistant director—or AD—came and did a very quick run-over of my place and found no issues. The fact that I didn't even clean it was a non-issue. Soon after the cast and crew arrived. Sometimes the person whose apartment it is can take part in some fashion, but this time that was not the case. I had to wait out in the neighborhood for an hour while they were filming...

...and it was the longest hour of my life. I kept on wondering what they were doing on my futon. My delusions were pretty wild.

After I returned, I was paid then and there for them using my apartment to film coitus in. I think this is a pretty easy way to make some extra money and AV production companies frequently put up wanted advertisements on their homepages for it. You could easily land a few bookings a month. I ended up finding a few strands of the model's hair after everyone left.

All in all, before, during, and after totaled about 3 hours and I made 20,000 yen for doing pretty much nothing. Not bad at all for some easy side income.

(Translator's note: Almost certainly doing this with an apartment you rent is against the rules. Granted, although Japan has some extraordinarily protective tenant laws, this may be the straw that breaks the camel's back leading to a messy eviction. Also, the author may say otherwise, but it's not super common to find Japanese AV production companies looking for apartments to use.

One of the reasons why the potential demand for apartment-studios is to liven things up a bit. If a production company kept using the same apartment for all their 'amateur' shoots, fans would catch on and would not like it. Over-use of sets is a serious issue. Big fans of AV have surely seen THAT pool—the indoor one—used too many times to count. There's also the bucolic village with park set used in a multitude of productions by various production companies. In fact, just about every big set is shared by many, many production companies.

Nevertheless, if you are interested in trying out this unique part-time job, it can't hurt to contact them. If you are living in Japan and can communicate in good Japanese, consider contacting some AV companies about using your apartment for a shoot. It would be a unique experience and your visa status probably should be a non-issue since you are not taking part in the actual production. Good luck!)

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