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Where in Japan is Sex Enjoyed the Most?

Nikkan SPA - Original Japanese Date: August 23rd, 2014
English Translation Published: June 22nd, 2015

Japanese women take a survey regarding their love of having sex and experts in the adult industry discuss the results.

What prefecture absolutely loves sex? We find out with the aid of three professionals.

To begin, we hear from Seitarou Kihara, a scholar specializing in psychology and the study of statistics:

The differences between the ratio of herbivorous to carnivorous men along with a general love for sex and willingness to have affairs varies greatly among prefectures.”

Company Matsuo, the famous AV director who single-handedly brought amateur POV films into the spotlight also chimes in:

Nanpa plays a part. This is indisputable. Women in Hokkaido are known to spread their legs easily in the presence of a professional charmer. This is in contrast with women down in Fukuoka who still bow down to their domineering husbands. However, they behave differently during their idle afternoons when their spouses are hard at work.”

Lastly, famous AV actor and bodybuilder Ken Shimizu talks a bit about his experience making nanpa pilgrimages across the nation:

Osaka's the worst for nanpa. Women there will simply ignore you. Iwate Prefecture is the total opposite where it's easy to catch women leaving department stores who will eagerly listen to what you have to say. Thus, I nominate Iwate as the easiest place to pickup Japanese women.”

(Translator's note: to see the prefecture-by-prefecture survey ranking, please visit Nikkan SPA's article)

Interestingly, woman in northern Japan not only ranked high, but are also take eroticism very seriously. We know focus in on how to woo these northern Japanese women.

So how can we go about this? Company Matsuo thinks acting like a perfect gentleman leads to the most success:

Japanese women may be good at hiding their natural eroticism and this applies double for women up north. It's best not to go in with guns blazing, but to be a perfect gentlemen up to the time you and her are sharing a bed.”

That makes sense. Acting like a total gentleman until insertion probably would lead to the best outcome. Interestingly, it seems like the results from this survey prove more explicit the further north one moves from Tokyo.

Shimane Prefecture, located far from Japan's cozy north seems to be an outlier. Could there be a reason why?

Those in Shimane are not so great at fooling around on the side, but when it's done, they're surprisingly tolerant. They may rank high in many things (Translator's note: the are actually #2 for lowest population), but the land is full of history and should not be neglected. The key to successful nanpa there is to show a respect for their community.” (Ken Shimizu)

To sum this up: never forget about your surroundings. Take note of where you are and use it to your advantage.


(Translator's note: More about the uniqueness of Shimane Prefecture will be posted in a future My Dearest Desire update. For those who read Japanese, check out the full list posted near the top of this page by clicking on the Nikkan SPA link. The difference between the top and bottom results of the survey actually aren't much. It's probably safe to say that a good deal of Japanese women all over the country are fond of sex.)

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