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Extreme Japanese AV Director Interview Part 2

PeachJoy - Original Japanese Date: July 1st, 2011
English Translation Published: November 4th, 2015

Famous AV director Bon Andou talks about her latest production and more in a detailed interview about extreme S&M in the Japanese adult video world.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


(Bon Andou is a name most readers of My Dearest Desire do not have familiarity with. She is not an AV star. Rather she directs Japanese. What's more, her forte is extreme productions with a strong focus on S&M relationships. This is a very detailed interview which will be split into 4 parts. For those wondering about the extreme Japanese AV's place both in today's industry and in the future, read on...)


Interviewer: More than anything else, it seems like you have a fascination with pretty women being bound. Are there anything within your scenes such as settings and inspirations that help further this type of unusual eye candy?

Director Andou: Haruki Yukimura is a huge inspiration of mine. Having the opportunity to study under his wing would be an honor. He runs his own production company and I did once grace his studio and he even tied me up. Being tied and bound so professionally and beautifully really opened my mind to his world view that I now subscribe to. His set was also where I met some of the acting staff that would soon be part of my productions. This all happened over a decade ago.


I: It sounds like you can be considered a successful pupil of the Haruki Yukimura School of Bondage.

DA: I wouldn't say that. I'm not at his level yet. He films much less than me since he also runs his own company, but he has much more experience and a lot more freedom to do as he wishes.


I: The most fascinating thing about your works is the lack of sex. I think people expecting to see standard Japanese AV when viewing your movies are in for a surprise. Some may feel unfulfilled by this, but there surely is a reason for you electing not to film actual coitus is there?

DA: I'm not a huge fan of regular sex as you might be able to tell, but my movies often feature lesbian coupling with strong themes of teasing and domination. This is what interests me and turns me on. Regular sex is a bit too formulaic with men almost always taking the lead and ending right after they ejaculate. They can be too lax in their movements. Simply embracing while doing the deed isn't enough and think there are many viewers out there who want to see more. They're frustrated with actors sticking to simplicity.


I: Ah, so do you think there are viewers out there who see actual intercourse as a stressful event?

DA: They're out there and I sure hope they gravitate towards my work. I'm happy that there are people who don't always associate AV with sex. It doesn't always have to be like that. Some people prefer their ventures into eroticism to be bound or watching people being tied up. Perhaps they feel some empathy in concert with lust.


I: It's safe to say your work will then resonate well with some of the more outspoken Japanese housewives out there!

DA: You bet!


I: Your titles are nonstop examples of originality. I recall one that featured a woman on a bicycle who got into an accident and woke up in a less than pleasant room.

DA: Actually that title was directed by an actress who appears in my movies often so there may have been some similarities, but not too many. It definitely invoked some unusual tendencies we women sometimes yearn towards.


I: There also was an S&M movie you made that dealt with the bandage fetish?

DA: Bandage play is one of the cornerstones of S&M. A person who is bandaged up is one who is weak and thus plays the perfect submissive character. I thought the scene was really interesting because the actress had no actual injuries in spite of being wrapped with bandages from head to toe by her dominant captor. The look of amazement in her face as the bandages were slowly wrapped around and around was fantastic and I'm glad I captured it well. Thinking about it now makes me laugh and we were all trying not to crack up during the shoot though I think it viewers at home may be able to to tell at times.


To be continued...


Interviewed by Miho Fumizuki

Bon Andou's homepage can be found at:


(Translator's note: S&M is more about dominating upon oneself or being the one in submission rather than simple intercourse. Of course most productions traditional include sex in some form and it's interesting to see how Director Andou goes totally against this trope. Her experiences with bandage adult video also is commendable and is quite rare to see from a more conservative western viewpoint. Fans of anime of course are quite familiar with the bandaged and nearly nude Rei Ayanami– a perfect example of erotic medicinal submission.)

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