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Extreme Japanese AV Director Interview Part 1

PeachJoy - Original Japanese Date: July 1st, 2011
English Translation Published: November 2nd, 2015

Famous AV director Bon Andou talks about her latest production and more in a detailed interview about extreme S&M in the Japanese adult video world.

(Bon Andou is a name most readers of My Dearest Desire do not have familiarity with. She is not an AV star. Rather she directs them. What's more, her forte is extreme productions with a strong focus on S&M relationships. This is a very detailed interview which will be split into 4 parts. For those wondering about the extreme Japanese AV's place both in today's industry and in the future, read on...)

Most interviews focus on the stars of Japanese AV productions. Today we're going behind the camera to interview a director of many. She's unique in filming movies most of her coworkers opt to avoid: extreme fetish adult video. Director Bon Andou will help paint a picture of the ins and outs of manic AV with emphasis on her own specialty: S&M.


Interviewer: Andou-san, your productions offer feature women both in dominant and submissive roles. Although your cast is mainly female, your movies do not have lesbian themes and I find this makes them especially unique in this industry. There was a very powerful scene featuring a door-to-door saleswoman tying up her victim while wondering about the strangeness of humanity. Would you say this mirrors your own world view?

Director Andou: Unique, huh? Perhaps you're right. I definitely always try to combine things I see in other AV movies and improve upon it without orienting my productions to be viewed only by a certain gender although I am aware that women are big fans of my work. I'm most concerned with everyone enjoying my work rather than the pride I receive when creating it. And on that note, I do feel like that saleswoman was just a normal person acting out normal thoughts.


I: Would you say your titles fit squarely within one of Japanese AV's bountiful subcultures?

DA: Yes. I feel like my productions are fictional exaggerations of the normalcy of life. I put what I imagine in front of the camera and make it real for a moment. What I show on film may be different from a normal world view, but I think people are looking for an outlet for their inner thoughts.


I: Your movies often feature the theme of a bound woman facing her female captor, but they don't always follow the trend of the dominant and the submissive.

DA: That's right! You have good perception. My titles are not always about one person teasing the other. There's always the element of sudden role reversal that I try to incorporate.


I: You take a unique approach to bound titles. Most seem to focus on sadistic old men tying up young and beautiful women. I also notice you sometimes even include people in the surrounding area such as neighbors in your productions.

DA: That's right. One of my movies featured a strange woman who moved in next-door who brought over obscure cuts of meat in lieu of normal gifts. This was the start of a strange relationship between her and a submissive housewife.


I: They had really good chemistry—especially with their dialog. Although the housewife at first was put off by the strange gifts, she stood her ground as a modern-day Japanese housewife and this is where the play really began. It was kind of a surprise to see how this initial interaction went. Did you consider this type of scene where domination and submissive roles swap so quickly to be somewhat satirical?

DA: That's right and it wasn't even scripted. The scene was set, but I tend to let my actresses work without line memorization. This makes for a more natural conversation that better reflects the resentment some people have for society. From this position, it's much easier to say what naturally comes to mind.


I: So role-playing?

DA: Yes, exactly and with real people. The tying up and binding that occur in my productions are not performed by bondage experts, but real women. When men take the directing helm for S&M movies, they tend to focus too much on contrived girls in merciless peril situations. Their notions of Japanese AV S&M are way too set in stone.


I: It seems like dialog is a key element in your productions. The innocent women who although face equal parts ire and jealousy from their captors still speak their mind in the face of oftentimes extreme teasing.

DA: Yes, I aim for realism without any scripted dialog. I feel what my actresses say is an accurate representation of real life dialog under similar bound conditions. Some of my actresses have become regulars in my work due to their ability to express themselves without any restraint. I think these types of people are great to have when put in a situation that calls for clever improvisation.


I: I see. One of your stars, Ibarako-san, always gives off the vibe of being Alice in her own Wonderland. For us, her world—the world she encounters in your work—is something of a twisted fantasy, right?

DA: Yes, yes, and don't forget the white rabbit. Ibarako fits the bill but she's nowhere near as cute as Alice. My view of the world is one where emotions can volte-face from insanely happy to absolutely crestfallen and she reflects that with her performances. I think the focus on emotions is becoming more common as Japanese adult video matures.


To be continued...


Interviewed by Miho Fumizuki

Bon Andou's homepage can be found at:


(Translator's note: It is generally hard to find Japanese S&M on non-Japanese sites. Heck, finding it in Japan can be difficult as well due to its extreme niche status. Fortunately, S&M production companies can be very worldly and some such as Cinemagic even feature foreign language versions of their homepage.)

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