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The Fappening – Japanese AV Edition Part Two

Asagei Fuuzoku - Original Japanese Date: May 20th, 2014
English Translation Published: October 1st, 2014

Japanese AV almost always features mosaic but things went awry with the leak of about a dozen titles before censorship could be applied.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


One of the uncensored titles leaked belonged to ALICE Japan's award-winning AV actress, Yuma Asami.

The scene she is in starts with her in a rather inhospitable bedroom. There, while wearing nothing but lingerie, she masturbates while resting on a white sofa. Her self-pleasure increases in intensity to the point where she discards her underwear and rests on all fours. This is where we finally can see her very pink vagina in unobstructed glory.

Around this time an AV actor saunters into the scene carrying an impressively big vibrator. He then tenderly uses this buzzing toy all over her moist intimate area. Eventually he spreads her lips and we get to see her dripping arousal without a shred of mosaic. It's authentic and very genuine. This all continues when they engage in sex first from behind and then with missionary. Everything's clearly visible. Everything.

Even though she's retired from the industry and sporting a totally new look, this is something that will always be part of her.

Yuu Namiki's appearance in this leak was also interesting and shows what mosaic usually hides. It was a real eye-opener.

Her no-mosaic release was taken during a nude photo-shoot and the camera was not shy about zooming in and snapping shots non-stop. This is where it kind of went downhill though as the lack of mosaic and the close-up allowed us to see a certain white string sticking out of her womanhood... was her tampon.

A person on staff at many AV productions noted that “this generally is not an issue due to mosaic added in post-production.

This almost certainly means whomever released these leaks was working closely with the production since mosaic was not even applied yet and Toshiyuki Inoue, the freelance internet writer from Part One, agrees:

There's always a chance someone involved with production got a computer virus. This virus may have allowed a third party access to the computer and the files on it. There, the movies may have been obtained and distributed online to those willing to pay for them.”

This may be a possibility, but I feel like they were knowingly released by someone involved in the production.

There are a lot of people on set. There's cameramen, those in charge of lighting, and more. I've heard of production members looking to take revenge on payment disagreements (or not being paid at all) by secretly taking photos and videos on set and uploading them online.”

So there's a chance these uncensored videos may have been broadcast online with malicious intent. However, many involved with the productions contained in this big leak deny any connection:

There have been instances where AV stars have agreed to even higher payouts to appear in uncensored productions hosted on foreign servers. This is all explained to them beforehand and the pay is much higher than normal at around two million yen (approximately $20,000USD). However, this time around no such agreements were made thus the AV stars were the victims. This could severely effect their domestic marketability with future releases that adhere to applying mosaic over their genitalia.”

This leak of Japanese AV production titles without mosaic certainly will leave a scar. Production companies should consider implementing stronger countermeasures to ensure something like this does not happen again.


(Translator's note: It's hard to judge this situation. It does bear some resemblance to the Fappening phenomenon, but only a bit. These were not private photos and videos that were stolen. Rather, they were videos meant for public consumption but not just yet. If this happened elsewhere where adult videos were released, it wouldn't have been as big of a deal since Japan is the only country that requires this type of mosaic. Although there was a huge out-lash against those viewing the leaked American celebrity photographs, the same cannot be said at all for those uncensored AV movies. The author of this piece on one hand questions how bankable the involved actresses will be from here on out, but also admits to watching the movies. Go figure.)

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