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The JULIA Interview Part 2

Asagei Fuuzoku - Original Japanese Date: August 13th, 2014
English Translation Published: November 28th, 2014

Massively famous Japanese AV star JULIA lacks a surname but not a great personality as she opens about her sex life and more.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


I: I think you look fine right now in terms of your physique. Do you not have sex a lot in your private life?

J: Missionary is what I mainly do in camera-less settings.


I: I see. I have to ask: what kinds of men have you been with?

J: Early on I was not very peculiar with my partners and my first few back when I was still very fresh to sex also lacked experience. It came down to a little bit of touching down there before the deed was done. Sex was almost always missionary and rather lackluster. It also was quick and rarely went past 10 minutes.


I: Ah, that sounds boring. You must have been real popular with the men considering your body type.

J: You would think, but I used to have no luck with men. There was even a time when I felt it was best for me to simply abstain from having sex.


I: How did you end up becoming JULIA then?

J: I had a kinda sorta affair with my boss when I was 22. Before that I still was not so innocent. I even had a few romantic encounters with women so sex at that time was something I was very fond of having.


I: Any particulars?

J: My first experience with cunnilingus.


I: Is that all?

J: I was surprised I could get off just by being licked.


I: Why couldn't I have been your boss?

J: Can you give cunnilingus?


I: Yes, I sure can.

J: I love being eaten out, but I hear many guys don't like to do it.


I: Most men won't have any issues eating you out.

J: Really? My experiences say otherwise when it comes to oral sex.


I: Is your pussy in some way extraordinary?

J: Not at all. Actors have told me it's really small. Otherwise, I'm as normal as they come down there!


I: I bet they give good cunnilingus.

J: They sure do! They make me wetter than ever every time without fail! The only bad thing in regards to that is I've been appearing in a series of titles by OPPAI and these movies mainly focus on breast play. I was a bit bewildered and even disappointed that my first shoot with them had no cunnilingus.


I: Is it safe to assume you became a Japanese AV star so you can receive great cunnilingus?

J: No—yes, well, that is ONE of the reasons why I chose this career path. Another was that I've always wanted to try out sex in all of its flavors—including many that simply are not possible in my private life.


I: Being an indoor person, is your love life somewhat lacking?

J: My AV persona and private one are vastly different.


I: Oh really?

J: I've always loved seeing men who were not having the best of times. In other words, men who are uncomfortable. There were times at work during never-ending meetings where I'd be adventurous with my feet under the conference room table. They'd often nestle their way into the crotch of a confused coworker.


I: That sounds awesome!

J: You think? There also were times I'd embrace my boyfriend when waiting on lines at amusement parks. I'd like to get him hard and see him squirm.


I: So you're a wicked witch?

J: I wouldn't say that. He may be confused at first, but he'll then feign ignorance while I continue pleasuring him.


I: Is it safe to say then that foreplay does not happen often in your private life?

J: Thanks to my AV work, I don't find myself wanting to have sex that much privately. I'm already fulfilled.


I: What kind of men gravitate towards you?

J: Well, I do have my fetishes...many of them...and men do as well. There's men who love legs, butts, and breasts of course. It's kind of strange how we tend to focus in on a singular body part like that. Some of the guys who are more into body parts can just get off by them instead of actual intercourse.


I: Every single part of your body is top-class!

J: And it'd be awarded to the person who gives me fantastic cunnilingus.


I: That would be me!


(Translator's note: JULIA sure loves teasing. It does not seem like she has starred in any lewd women CFNM movies yet, but as she ages a bit more and becomes a certified cougar, these roles will surely come natural to her. It also would be interesting to see her cross-over into more international markets as she certainly has the look.)

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  • lionel david said:

    Great interview Today is her birthday wish her happy birthday

    May 22nd, 2016 - Reply

  • J. Walter Puppybreath said:

    "I love being eaten out, but I hear many guys don't like to do it." God, Julia, you've obviously been misinformed! I'd sell me soul to prove it to you...

    February 27th, 2016 - Reply

  • lionel said:


    January 22nd, 2016 - Reply


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