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Nude Photography Clubs and Their Popularity with Seniors Part 1

Asagei Fuuzoku - Original Japanese Date: March 11th, 2014
English Translation Published: December 29th, 2014

Japanese senior citizens are finding themselves with boundless free time and are using it to take part in photography clubs often featuring nude models.

Can one's mind and body stand strong in the presence of a beautiful nude body? Is it possible not to become aroused? This is the mindset one should put himself into when taking part in this nude photography endeavor showcased today. Satsueikei—or photography clubs are increasing in popularity all over Japan thanks to older shutterbugs.

Many people find themselves with nothing to do after they retire, but that wasn't the case for me. I had a hobby planned and ready for action after I crossed my company's compulsory retirement age.

This was what Makio Mori (an alias) from the Saitama Prefecture told me. After retiring, he took some of the money from his pension and used it to buy a high-end digital camera. With that camera in hand, he joined a photography club that focused on birds and wildlife.

Mori-san enjoyed it and stayed on course.

Although I was part of a club, photographing birds and the like was pretty much a solo thing. Groups of us would scare away our targets. This is around the time I began to broaden horizons in regards to photography club opportunities.

It was also around this time that perusing on the internet found him the popular blog of an older photography model named Noriko Mizusawa. She was pretty famous so long as internet stars go and also sold photographs and albums of herself. Her sensual photo albums featuring her nude or nearly nude in provocative surroundings made for a large fan base. She also participated in photography events from time to time.

I needed a lot of courage to participate initially. It took a lot to maintain my composure while in the presence of a scantily clad Mizusawa-san. It was as far from solo bird photography as one could possible come. This was my mindset 3 years ago and now I'm a regular customer. I still am a bit uneasy about actually directing a model to make a pose, but I take note more of the lighting and the like in the studio and am better equipped at knowing how and where to take a good picture.

Arousal? Now that's a given. There are many times I may accidentally click the shutter when I start seeing a stray nipple or the first signs of pubic hair.

Mori-san belongs to a photography club organization. He and his club members regularly hold events where they surround a model and snap away. Even with a nearly naked woman amongst them, club members are very serious about their art. This was what I heard from Mizusawa-san herself:

The people who come to my photography sessions did so via my home page. Because of that, everyone is very well-behaved. I'm especially grateful for a certain 70 year-old who frequently comes all the way from Osaka for the shoot. I think my personality works well for my shoots as my popularity with them seems to be growing. Also many of the people taking part used some really impressive cameras. Of course there were some who became aroused and they'd embarrassingly excuse themselves to visit the bathroom for awhile...

Taking naked photos of an older and attractive woman like Mizusawa-san is sure to ignite feelings of lust. However, for Mori-san it wasn't seeing her naked that made him perspire.

What made me the most thrilled was when Mizusawa-san would comment on my photography.” Mori-san had an infatuation more with his camera than the model he was shooting.


To be continued...


(Translator's note: The camera-wielding Japanese tourist is certainly a stereotype by now. It's pretty valid too. Head to any big park in Japan when the cherry blossoms START to bloom and you will see tons of older men with high end cameras shooting away. The same gusto for the art of photography certainly exists for taking pictures of women also in full bloom.)

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