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Japanese AV Then And Now | Chapter 6: When AV Takes the Stage Part Two

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: August 11th, 2014
English Translation Published: February 18th, 2015

The early 2000's was when those in the Japanese AV industry felt a desire to bring back the audacity of the bubble era with audaciously grandiose productions.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


Where AV and Bubble-Era Variety TV Intersect

If there can be one title that really set the stage for large-scale Japanese AV going haywire, then it's surely this one combining a quiz challenge with hordes of men and a single woman produced by Deep's (a division of Soft on Demand) in 2003.

Japanese AV titles both then and now are somewhat pricey to make. Even a basic hardcore title nowadays with a big name star and a competent crew would run low to mid 5-figures (USD). However, this title was in the mid 6-figure range (USD)! The set was huge and the spectacle itself even bigger. Look up any crazy Japanese variety show from the 80's with a huge cast and outlandish set pieces such as roller coasters within the studio and you should then get an idea what this AV production had going for it. Yuuna Akimoto, the star of this production, was situated on a cart at the downhill slope of this roller coaster and was asked ten questions. Each wrong question sent her shooting down the slope into a group of horny men for nefarious acts ranging from bukkake to anal sex, and more (Translator's note: here's a SFW clip on Youtube).

It also was somewhat of a shock to see Yuuna Akimoto—a fan favorite of the more traditional major AV studios—make her indies debut with such a daring title. A production of this magnitude also had a larger-than-normal amount of cameraman on hand who were incredibly busy trying to take everything in (at only 90 minutes long, imagine how much was left on the editing room floor!). With such a large amount of people on hand, this production felt more like a live shoot than a performance for future video release.

I wonder if the amateur men thought Yuuna Akimoto's debut was normal in terms of adult video production standards. They'd be in for a surprise if they stuck around! Coverage was given to this title—a lot of it. But this also was the time many studios were releasing titles with major wow-factors making for a fierce battleground for all things outlandish.


The Glorious Early 2000's

So many wonderful things happened around this time in the AV world that I find myself having difficulties remembering them all.

Many of these such as the hordes of men versus one AV star entailed a big pay day for the star of the show and when I asked them why they signed on to this, they told me it was for reasons such as paying back debt, travel abroad, and even some plastic surgery.

The early 2000's were a time of big booms. There was MMA of course and competitive eating thanks to a certain hot dog champion. The latter remained in the spotlight well past its expiration date (it jumped the shark with Gyaru Sone). All in all, it was a very fierce time for all those involved and the results from this era speak for themselves.


Written by Pedal Shishido
Pedal Shishido is an erotic writer who has been watching AV since the dawn of time. He also is a formidable user of English with a level 1 Eiken score and scored an 800 on TOIEC. He's quite active being active (?!) covering AV on and off scene.


Men's Cyzo recommends this title to readers of this article.


(Translator's note: That Youtube clip was the only example of Yuuna Akimoto's debut easily found that is also SFW. Those looking to see something amazing should check it out. AV studios may still be producing crazy titles, but none were as daring (and financially-strapping) as her debut.)

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