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Japanese AV Then And Now | Chapter 5: Emergence of the Alternative Part Two

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: August 7th, 2014
English Translation Published: January 9th, 2015

A look back at the origins of strange Japanese AV and how this massive genre of salacious uniqueness came to be powerful in it's own right.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


The cold war between major AV companies and their indies rivals was still going on. V&R put these types of titles in rental stores and did not charge much. Thus, curious customers only looking to spend some pocket change soon became dedicated fans. Another title released not that long ago seems to be following in the footsteps V&R Planning paved in its heyday by being something of a documentary AV production. Being available for online streaming in rental format in lieu of an initial print-run is pretty novel, but I think it will soon become more common as time goes by.


When Stripping is Optional

Of course at this time other larger indies Japanese AV production companies were starting to produce 'strange' titles. Bukkake was already covered previously and it wasn't the only non-traditional genre being made. Around this time, both Soft on Demand (most likely via their SOD Create production wing) and MOODYZ were making POV (point-of-view) masturbation simulator movies. These titles put the user in the cockpit for an all-inclusive masturbation support program featuring an AV star of their choice up close and personal. For the length of the production, she'd talk dirty to you and only you while giving virtual handjobs and more (some versions of this series came with 'vagina hole'-type sex toys supposedly molded out of the AV star's actual womanhood).

Some versions of these masturbation simulator AV movies did not even feature sex scenes. On one hand, this is revolutionary in an industry all about lovemaking, but the lack of actual coitus can also be seen as amusingly conservative (some later productions included a sex scene). I had the lucky opportunity to watch one of these productions being filmed way back in 2002 starring the very famous Nao Oikawa. I sadly did not get to see her have sex.

These masturbation simulator series were very unique in that many of the scenes did not even require the adult video stars to strip. Imagine that...a fully clothed adult video! I remember back in the day covering a really titillating one starring an actress with massively big breasts (whose name escapes me at the moment).

Productions sans sex kind of disrupts the flow of the people behind the cameras used to filming things in a certain order. A good cameraman and photographer will block out background annoyances and focus on the task at hand, but this becomes a bit challenging when filming an adult video where neither sex nor even stripping occurs. This issue extended beyond the the squirming of confused cameraman; even reporters from weekly tabloid magazines and big magazine publishers were not too happy to be covering a truly sex-less AV production.

This definitely led to a muddled situation with the production crew and those invited to cover the event. Even though they were told beforehand that sex and stripping would be absent, they were anything but happy. Eventually middle ground was found, but it left the pitiful person on the crew in charge of dealing with the press in a extra sorry state. Some scenes went from totally clothed to half-clothed via the pleading of this over-worked figure. Thus, those from the newspapers and tabloids covering AV were at least able to get a few shots of a topless AV star doing her thing. The gap between standard hardcore Japanese AV and scenarios far from it came into being in via these types of productions.

We're finally at a time now thanks to the internet where one can easily research to his heart's content information about any genre out there. This makes the chances of making a severe buying mistake minimal and also allows production companies to let their creative juices flow with even zanier ideas.


Written by Pedal Shishido
Pedal Shishido is an erotic writer who has been watching AV since the dawn of time. He also is a formidable user of English with a level 1 Eiken score and scored an 800 on TOIEC. He's quite active being active (?!) covering AV on and off scene.


(Translator's note: The last section of this article translated very closely 'AV stars who do not strip' and upon reading that, one would think it would just be about CFNM (clothed female, naked male). It's interesting how instead it was about the boom of virtual masturbation simulator movies and how industry reporters did not like covering them. Naughty language aside, it would be hard to even consider some of these movies that adult—even calling them 'porn' would be pushing it.)

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