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Maria Ozawa Interview Part 3

FRANCE10 - Original Japanese Date: February 16th, 2013
English Translation Published: October 24th, 2014

Massively famous Japanese AV star of mixed Canadian descent Maria Ozawa takes part in a expansive interview covering her life in the limelight.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


*Deflowering, Hospital Drama, a Perverted Interaction, and Thoughts Upon Love

I: You lost your virginity to a high school student a few years older than you. What kind of person was he?

MO: He was my first boyfriend whom I dated for 2 years and knew I was new to dating so we went slow. He was a great teacher in that regard and he really did care for me.


I: Tell us about your first time with him.

MO: It was not something I enjoyed at all. I felt like I was going to perish! That sensation was totally new to me and I decided to forgo having sex with him for half a year. However, I felt remorseful and gradually lifting my self-imposed ban.  The sex actually ended up feeling really good.


I: I heard that once when your boyfriend was hospitalized, you closed the curtains around his bed since he was in a shared room with other patients. There, you stealthily gave him a blowjob. Can you expand on this?

MO: That's pretty much how it went. We were young and full of vigor.


I: Can you tell us about any memorable sexual experiences?

MO: He was in a band and was a real pervert though I didn't realize this from the get-go. At the love hotel he told me to take a leak on him. I didn't. When he told me that, my feelings for him sizzled away and I left never to see him again. There's some things that I just cannot do.


I: How do you go about love?

MO: I wonder. Well, I'm not too fond of those with high-strong personalities. I mean it's OK to be high on love initially—and I'm guilty of that. But I do expect my significant other to calm down eventually. That's what I prefer, really: someone who is laid back. I want my time spent with him to be all about relaxing. I don't want either of our hearts to be beating nonstop in the long run. I also have something of a separation anxiety.


*Visual Kei, Outdoor Sex, and English Conversation School

I: I heard you're something of a rock band groupie. What bands are you a fan of?

MO: I'm a massive fan of Miyavi. I remember first seeing him in magazines when I was in high school and couldn't get enough (Translator's note: Miyavi used to have an extremely unique look that combines...well, take a look at his Wikipedia page...and has toned down his image as of late.). What I've listened to as of late is pretty broad, but my base is still Visual Kei.


I: Are you of the X-Japan generation?

MO: Yea, I've listened to them, but I'm more into Visual Kei bands like Malice Mizer. I was a huge fan of Kami (R.I.P.) who was their drummer. Then again, Visual Kei was really big around that time when I was still in high school and many people listened to them. I used to also listen to L'Arc-en-Ciel but moved on to Miyavi.


I: Can you tell us more about your time as a groupie?

MO: I wouldn't even go as far as to say I was a real groupie. I just go to live events a lot in Shibuya and buy a lot of music CDs.


I: I heard that during this time you had some outdoor sex with musicians who were short on cash.

MO: The lack of money was mutual. I still was in high school at the time. There were many times where we did it in the park.


I: What about somewhere more promiscuous like the public toilets in Shibuya's park?

MO: I never did that. The parks and toilets were all small ones near my home.


I: Are you happy to be born in Japan?

MO: Yea, that's how I feel. I love Japan. The mass transportation is always on time and the electronics are the best. It's all great and what you can do here is limitless though people here are fond of their personal space so it's best not to be too chummy during first meetings—this includes new boyfriends and girlfriends. Americans and Canadians have said hi to me out in the street before and the Japanese side of me is confused by this since I don't know them. On one hand I feel warmed by it, but also I'm a bit put-off. Being too friendly at first is a turn-off so I think being in Japan is the best for me.


I: When do you use English?

MO: I went to an international school so using English there was a given. I also speak it to my Canadian father.


*Accessories, Books, and Movies

I: What are you into right now?

MO: I'm into collecting accessories—well small things such as badges, tickets, and Polaroids. When I was returning from seeing my boyfriend in Yokohama, I had the station master stamp my ticket instead of simply feeding it into the machine. That way I made a memento of my trip. I'll also write small diary-like notes on the backs of movie tickets for that day. I love collecting small things.


I: Do you read?

MO: I sure do, but only non-fiction generally about the world around me—Japan's water trade and some darker things as well.


I: What about movies?

MO: I love them. The other day I saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.


I: What was the most memorable movie you saw this year?

MO: Tough question. The Devil Wears Prada was pretty good. Being a woman, I love seeing fancy brand name fashion so I enjoyed it. The boss was cruel, but I felt it was just part of her job as she had to mold new hires to meet the needs of the workplace. It made me think while watching it. The next movie I want to see is Rush Hour 3. I'm a huge fan of that series.


I: Thank you for spending all this time with me. This was a very enlightening conversation and I had a lot of fun. I wish Maria Ozawa the best in all of her future endeavors within the world of Japanese AV and beyond.


Interview by Henri Kenji OIKAWA


(Translator's note: Fans of Visual Kei and Japanese AV (a potent mix) must be pleased to hear that one of their favorite actresses is very fond of their music. Malice Mizer in particular was a standout act in the early part of the last decade and was the gateway into the world of Japanese music and culture for many people—this author included.)

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