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Maria Ozawa Interview Part 2

FRANCE10 - Original Japanese Date: February 15th, 2013
English Translation Published: October 22nd, 2014

Massively famous Japanese AV star of mixed Canadian descent Maria Ozawa takes part in a expansive interview covering her life in the limelight.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


*Deciding on Japanese AV and a TV Commercial For Chocolate

I: With measurements of 88-58-88 (cm), you've got fantastic proportions. How do you stay in shape?

MO: Nothing as of late and I think it's starting to show. I played hockey when I was in school and even was on the team. That helped me stay in shape, but that was then and I haven't done much since physically. I think I'm weaker now if anything. When I have time, I squeeze in appointments for massages and the like.


I: You have many female friends who work in Japanese AV, but this wasn't so once upon a time, right? Was your decision to walk into an AV agency of your own making or did you have friends who helped you reach it?

MO: Before I came an AV star, I was actually dating someone whose friends were already working in the industry. At this time, many of my friends were working in brothels and I knew that there were various ways to be naked for pay. One of my friends knew of an AV agency and we talked about how my time to take off my clothes was nearing. It wasn't long before I joined the B Open agency and I remain attached to them even today. That was when Maria Ozawa was born.


I: That was a good answer.

MO: It sounds more like I was talking about becoming a regular model, yea? However, their industry is a lot more ruthless than Japanese AV. Becoming a full-fledged AV star is an easier and quicker route with less drama.

By the way, talking about models, I did do a TV commercial for a chocolate product when I was in high school and that made its rounds all over 2 Channel around the time I debuted in AV.


I: When was the first time you actually saw an AV production?

MO: My first boyfriend was 18 and he had AV movies at his house. That's how I found out about this industry. I really did not like it at the time and was not fond at all that my then-boyfriend was watching it. He had adult magazines and I really didn't know what to make of them at the time.

It wasn't until after I broke up with him that I found out that all men watch AV and that's when my interest began to build. Those magazines that confused me at first now became something I perused while ogling over the models. Well, when I say ogling, I mean it in a feminine sense as I was looking at how some are cute and some have really good style, etc. This was the time when my preconceived notion of porno being sordid was wiped away.


I: After joining on with an AV agency, how did your debut title come about? Did you converse with anyone beforehand?

MO: Converse? No, not really. There was some talk during the interview about how to go about it, but I was pretty gung-ho already and what worries I had were quickly quenched. I guess the closest I came to any serious conversation around that time was when I split with my boyfriend so I could focus on kick-starting my career.


*Maria Ozawa's AV Debut and International School

I: Tell us about the night before your Japanese AV debut.

MO: My mind was blank: “Tomorrow's my shoot...tomorrow's my shoot...I'm so nervous...I'll be naked in front of people...can I do this?...will the staff treat me well?” were the worries that kept running through my mind.


I: Where was your debut shot at?

MO: A studio in the apartment of someone famous in the industry.


I: How did you feel during the shoot?

MO: My first shoot actually had an interview and a softcore image scene to film as well. There were only two actual sex scenes so this was a pretty lenient shoot in terms of doing things naughty. Looking back at it now, I can't help to laugh at my debut interview. On one hand I don't feel any different today, but I am many times more confident. Back then I looked awkward and had trouble finding the right words to say—or any words really. I was pretty taciturn during that first interview. However, in spite of all that I do think even during my debut, I had what it took to give it my all.


I: Was your debut title a 1-day ordeal?

MO: Nope. It was shot over 2 days.


I: What was going through your head after filming was complete?

MO: I felt a sense of accomplishment: I had an interview and subsequently joined an AV agency and made my first title.


I: Both grade and high school were spent in an international school system. Can you tell us about your time as a student there?

MO: International school was a breeze. All classes were in English and many of the teachers came from US bases. It was a Christian school so they were strict with uniforms, but not much else. Tattoos, dyed hair, and piercing were all fair game.


I: What kind of student were you?

MO: I was not one for studying. My time as a student was spent more on being part of the hockey team and working part-time. In fact, hockey practice was everyday and games were held on weekends. Practice tended to end around 6PM and I then worked part-time from 7PM. When practice was really heated before a huge match, I'd take time off from work.


I: Did you go into AV right away after graduating?

MO: I'd say so. July was when I interviewed at the agency.


To be concluded...


Interview by Henri Kenji OIKAWA


(Translator's note: Maria Ozawa's thoughts on her debut were pretty standard. Nervousness is also a key player the first time someone strips on camera. It would have been nice to hear more about her time at international school and if speaking English in the AV world has paid off somehow. Perhaps we will find out in the near future...)

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