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Rin Sakuragi V-Cinema Interview

Dokant - Original Japanese Date: January 1st, 2010
English Translation Published: October 10th, 2014

An interview with Japanese AV Star Rin Sakuragi branches out by starring in a V-Cinema title about a woman taking pictures of male genitalia.

'The Sensuality Collector', a movie released by the Tokyo Sports Newspaper (Translator's note: big companies in Japan often branch out into totally unrelated markets to diversify their profits. Did you know Sony makes the most money not from their electronics division, but from insurance?) celebrating their 50th anniversary was released on November 5th.


Rin Sakuragi plays the role of a the sexy heroine who takes pictures of the male genitalia (the sole reviewer on Amazon Japan writes: “'s a story about a female protagonist who takes pictures of erections and I'm still not sure why. However, Rin Sakuragi is really cute so I'm OK with that.”). We had an interview with her where she talks about the filming process and more.


Interviewer: Your movie is now available for rental (Translator's note: being a V-Cinema production, this type of movie did not have a theatrical release, thus 'rental' in this usage entails its initial public release). How did you feel when you first read the script?

Rin Sakuragi: The story is about a woman who takes and collects pictures of the male genitalia and I was a bit confused at first. However, the role seemed a bit eccentric so I was happy to have been offered it.


I: You traded one stage name for another. In this movie your character is called Sagiri Nomiya. How do you feel about that?

RS: Well on one hand, a women who collects pictures of the male genitalia is certainly strange, but doesn't everyone have a fetish of some sort? I'm extra fond of muscular arms and my character severely one-ups me with her fetish for penises.


I: How did you prepare for this role?

RS: Sagiri and myself share many similarities. We're both shy around people and tend to be delusional at times. Thus, what you will see in the picture is pretty close to how I am in real life. The director told me to pretend I was taking pictures of my all-time favorite toy and that's what I went for when the camera was rolling.


I: I heard the filming schedule was pretty compressed.

RS: We filmed it all in 4 days. I barely had enough time to memorize my lines since the planning period before filming was also very short. I fortunately did not have much issues memorizing them. Between takes I'd also find time to rehearse what I had to say. My coworkers were surprised at how well I was holding up.


I: Anything in particular you'd like to point out about 'The Sensuality Collector'?

RS: My character is somewhat abnormal, but I feel sympathy for her. There were many intricate details to the way she is as a person and I tried my best to express them in the picture—especially the final scene by the sea. We filmed in June, but it was surprisingly cold! Then there was that scene in the dining know, there are many good scenes in the movie! They're all great!


I: The poster for 'The Sensuality Collector' features the text, “This is my ecstasy.” What is your ecstasy?

RS: I like cleaning my ears. The highlight of my night is stepping out of the bath, grabbing a cotton swab, and going to town on my ears. It feels amazing. It's a very economical way to reach ecstasy.


I: And what about arousal?

RS: I love muscular arms on men! The bigger they are, the more wild and turned on I feel. I can never turn down an invitation to see a K-1 Match because of this.


I: How do you manage to keep looking so great?

RS: Nothing in particular really. My stomach is lower than normal just like my mother so I get skinny easily if I skip a meal. Once in a blue moon I do some core rhythm exercises. I have very fortunate genetics.


I: You do Japanese AV, sing, and now act. You really are broadening your performance palette. What's next?

RS: I strive to become an actress who excels at looking natural while on camera such as Yuriko Yoshitaka. I love how she adds a bit of mystique to her roles. I'd love to play a ghost in a horror movie if the opportunity presents itself.


I: What do you find charming about your own performance?

RS: I'm actually not so great at talking to people. However, I seem to have no issues with this when the cameras are rolling. Thus I intend to try my absolute hardest for any acting roles I am in from here on out. My dream is to become an actress capable of extreme variety.


(Translator's note: view a trailer or see a 5-minute clip from 'The Sensuality Collector'' on Youtube. English subtitles are unfortunately not provided, but if there is enough demand, they can be added in the future. The movie Rin Sakuragi stars in looks somewhat like a dark comedy and warrants a viewing to see the origins for her character's CFNM fetish and what the outcome of her insatiable need for collecting pictures of 'it' is. This movie was released a few years ago and Rin Sakuragi remains very active in Japanese AV even today. In fact, she's branching out once again by means of idol music.)

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