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Rin Sakuragi Event at the Loft

Rin Sakuragi Official Blog - Original Japanese Date: July 6th, 2014
English Translation Published: August 18th, 2014

Rin Sakuragi known for her thin frame and piercing voice blogs about her new idol duo and the event they held at the Shinjuku Loft.

P*cherry, the idol duo I'm in, had an event at the Shinjuku Loft on June 23!

This was my first event at the Loft and everyone on staff was surprisingly welcoming. I am sorry for giving the (lucky) people in the front row a sneak peek at my panties.

I had a great talk with MC Kubota. It felt way more invigorating than a normal interview and having drinks on hand made my nerves a thing of the past. I also think that being in this event has made me a better speaker.

This also was my first time singing by myself in front of an audience. I had a solo! My partners Yura-chan in P*cherry and Nana-chan who also was part of the event sang as well, but they're better equipped at this than I was. For me it felt like a Karaoke-quality performance, but I tried my best and it felt great!

I'm pretty sure my performance was already uploaded to Youtube so have a look and try to enjoy it if you can find it.

I've always liked to sing so it was simply a matter of time as to when I'd actually be doing it on my own.

I had a heck-of-a-time. There was ample amounts of talk—mostly dirty—and the drinks were flowing. I hope to do this more often! This was a fantastic way to meet fans off the internet and it really made me consider the multitude of ways I can do more events of this nature.

I'm also really in gratitude for everyone who came out in spite of it being held on a weekday. Thank you so much!

After the event, we all stopped for some ramen (Translator's note: picture on her blog).

We'll be having another event similar to this on the 21st in the afternoon. I'll write more about it on my blog but please stop by if you're in the neighborhood.


(Translator's note: yes, another Japanese AV star branching out with a music career. It's been done many a time with questionable results at best. For those interested in seeing Rin Sakuragi perform, please check out this video on Youtube. Japanese AV stars reaching out to their fans via offline means is a fantastic way for them to keep their user base happy and beyond satiated. Those in Tokyo can frequently meet them in the flesh at the Happy Hour Theatre.)

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